Backflow Prevention & Accessories

High-quality backflow prevention devices and accessories are critical components in plumbing and water supply systems, ensuring the safety and purity of water by preventing its flow in the reverse direction. They are characterized by their robust construction, reliable performance, and long service life.

These devices are designed to withstand various water pressures and temperatures, ensuring consistent operation even under demanding circumstances. High-quality backflow preventers often come with advanced features such as corrosion-resistant materials, pressure relief valves, and intelligent monitoring systems. These features not only enhance the device’s durability but also contribute to operational safety and efficiency.

Furthermore, these backflow prevention devices and accessories are typically easy to install, operate, and maintain, reducing downtime and operational costs. They are also designed to minimize noise and vibration, ensuring a smooth and quiet operation.

*Ames - fire control & waterworks

*Febco - municipal water supplies

*Watts - commercial & residential buildings,industrial feed lines