Supplying Hawaii with the most reliable generators in the industry.
Supplying Hawaii with the most reliable generators in the industry.
Supplying Hawaii with the most reliable generators in the industry.
Supplying Hawaii with the most reliable generators in the industry.


Generator & Power Systems is the Generac distributor in Hawaii. ​Generac offers advanced and incredibly reliable emergency standby power systems with flexible fuel choices in a range of system sizes.

  • Industrial
  • Commerical
  • Residential
  • ​Mobile Products


We’re dedicated to maintaining your generator system – with a comprehensive inventory of parts and technicians available 24/7/365.

  • Service
  • Parts


On September 19th, 2023, we are delighted to invite you to the Generac Industrial Conference. This event, specifically designed for Electrical Contractors, General Contractors, and Engineers, will take place from 11:30 am to 2 pm at the iconic Aloha Tower. We are pleased to announce that lunch will be provided for all attendees. We look forward to your participation and the insightful discussions that will undoubtedly arise from this gathering of industry professionals.


Generator & Power Systems designs install, and maintains power systems for all requirements:

  • Off-grid power systems]
  • Micro-grid systems
  • Alternative Energy Systems

Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Comprehensive strategies and actionable steps for companies to minimize risks and ensure continuity of operations before, during, and after a hurricane, focusing on safeguarding assets, employees, and operational capabilities.

Need to upgrade? Read this Case Study...

A microgrid equipped with a propane generator enhances resiliency for residents by providing a reliable and sustainable energy source.

Quick Product List

*GENERAC – Industrial Standby Generators
*GENERAC – Mobile Generators
*GENERAC – Home Standby Generators
*GENERAC – Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
*Briggs & Stratton – Home Standby

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*AMT – Industrial & Marine Pumps
*Berkeley Pumps – Agricultural & Industrial Pumps
*Blue White – Chemical Pumps
*Dean Brothers – ANSI & Process Pumps
*Griswold Pumps – ANSI & Industrial Pumps
*Grundfos Pumps – SS circulators, multi-stage, submersible turbine, & packaged booster systems
*MEPCO – Condensate & boiler feed pumps
*Myers – industrial, wastewater, & water system pumps
*Ryoto-Jet Pumps – high pressure pumps
*Sta-Rite – centrifugal & sprinkler pumps
*Wemco Pumps – screw, self-priming, vortex pumps
*Xylem/Goulds – end suction & sewage pumps

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*AMES Valves – control & accessories
*Campbell – pump & water well supplies
*Cycle Stop Valves – automatic pump control valves
*Flowmatic – check, foot, & control valves
*Merrill – pump & water well supplies
*Paige Electric -submersible pump cable
*Proco – pipe expansion joints
*Valmatic – air, check, foot, vacuum, & plug valves
*Watts – flow control valves

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*AMTROL – ASME & non ASME tanks
*FLEXCON – ASME & non ASME tanks
*Pro-Source – steel & fiberglass bladder tanks

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*Tuthill – positive displacement blowers

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*Ames – fire control & waterworks
*Febco – municipal water supplies
*Watts – commercial & residential buildings, industrial feed lines

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*GRUNDFOS – full range premium efficient motors
* U.S. Electrical Motors/Nidec – fracitional horsepower & NEMA motors

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*Grundfos – variable frequeny drives
*Myers – UL sewage pump controls
*Star Delta – control panels & starters

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*Aquafine – commercial ultraviolet systems
*Campbell – filtration & ultraviolet systems
*Fluitek – industrial filtration products

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*Blue White – flow meters
*Burkert -solenoid valves & fluid controls
*Dwyer Instruments – switches & transmitters
*Kobold – flow, level, pressure, & temperature controls

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Generac In The News

Our power grid is facing stresses that it’s not designed to handle. Energy operators have the difficult task of trying to manage these stresses – from more severe and frequent storms, to the electrification of everything in our homes, and the rapid expansion of energy intensive AI – all of which are making power outages more likely and increasingly problematic.